Reclaiming the Sacred Feminine

An Archetypal Journey into the Self

In our Wholeness, we find our Home. 

I used to be obsessed with self improvement....

That's how you succeed right? By doing, doing and then doing some more? Then, when I was finally finished with my worldly tasks, I was making the most of my downtime with 'inner work'. Positive thinking? Check. Gratitude journal? Check. Analysing the crap out of everything? Check. 

I was doing all the right stuff, but I still didn't feel fulfilled. That sense of calm and contentedness that I was so desperately seeking kept slipping between my fingers.

All I needed to do was get this ONE LAST THING sorted. Then I would be happy. Right? 

Nope. Because despite all my efforts, I still didn't feel 'good enough.' 

I'd become a more 'conscious woman', but in doing so i'd picked up a WHOLE new book of rules to follow. 

Ok, so I need to be...not too needy, but emotionally available. Self aware but not pretentious. Shining my Light without being arrogant. Sexy but not too intense. Self-assured but not bitchy.  Emotionally liberated but DEFINITELY not sooky. The standards I placed on myself weren't only impossible to achieve, but coming from a place of trying to craft and control the Self I believed would get me the love and approval that I craved.

But there was still something missing, a piece of the puzzle. That beautiful, sensual connection with myself. The feeling of freedom. The creative abundance! The unshakable Self Love. 

My true feminine naturethe radiant, magnetic, wildly passionate and emotional, Divine Woman within, was being squashed in favour of something I considered easier to swallow.

Little did I realise, that I was robbing myself of my true power. The wild, creative energy of the Sacred Feminine.

Once I realised this, everything shifted. The journey ceased to be about finding perfection. 

The key, I realised, was embracing my wholeness. 

...and so, everything changed. I stopped trying to forcefully rid myself of my old patterns - and instead shifted my focus onto welcoming in my full experience.

That needy, anxious inner child didn't need to be pushed away.  She needed to be loved!  My wild surges of passion and intensity didn't need to be 'calmed down'...they needed to be held and integrated so they could SERVE me....rather than OWNING me. 

With a background in Astrology and Energy Medicine, this realisation transformed my work. I also realised that I had a gift for working with Symbols and Archetypes - and for guiding deep journeys into the Self.

The Archetypes of the Repressed Feminine are one of my gifts to the world. These aspects are present in all of us - and can either sabotage our efforts or enhance our lives in incredible ways. 

When repressed - these energies become distorted. Instead of serving a valuable purpose, they begin to work against us. Only by bringing them into the Light and integrating them into the wholeness of the Self, can we feel complete and access the power of our Wild Feminine once more. 

The 7 Archetypes of the Repressed Feminine

The Inner Child

The Huntress

The Lover

The Queen

The Priestess

The Medicine Woman

The Creator

These archetypes are the parts of ourselves that our families, communities and society at large are most triggered by. Throughout history, they have been exiled. As a result, we prune them, but by doing so - we resign to a life where we stay small, limit our own pleasure and say 'yes' when we really mean 'no'. We cut ourselves off from our true nature, in an attempt 'not to rock the boat.'

The Repressed Inner Child: Fierce independence. Shame around neediness. Takes self very seriously. Sensitive to criticism. Craves approval & external validation. Difficulties with trust & opening up. Needs alcohol/drugs to loosen up and have fun. Can be an exhibitionist. Doesn’t cry easily or deeply. Difficulty asking for help/support. Dreads ‘being a burden’. Mania/Erraticism. Tension in the body - particularly when happy/excited. Impatient. Poor impulse control. Envy/jealousy.

The Repressed Huntress: Physical & Emotional hoarding. Bears a grudge. Stays in toxic relationships. Cyclical Behaviour (thinking/talking themselves in circles). Domesticated. Likes routine. Feels ‘stuck’. Tight jaw. Passive aggressive. Fears losing control. Avoids conflict. Has trouble saying ‘no’. Only acknowledges the ‘light’ and ‘positive’. Prone to stress. Excess/Lack of Ambition. Tends to put self ‘under pressure’. Prone to outbursts. Feels like an imposter. Difficulties with focus. Obsessive tendencies. Afraid of hurting others/indiscriminate. Afraid of death. Disconnected from nature. Low self-worth. 

The Repressed Lover: Sexually & creatively blocked. Low libido - or high libido with very surface level connections. Disconnected from self. Fatigue. Lack of meaning. Life feels ‘heavy’. Wants/desires very little & experiences shame around wanting. Alternatively, experiences insatiable desire. Promiscuity/chastity. Disgust towards more primal forms of sexual connection. Intentionally exaggerates or downplays appearance & sensuality. Struggles with Intimacy. Strong mental energy - more ‘head’ than ‘body’. Disempowered. Dissociative. May be very career focused.

The Repressed Queen: Lack of self respect. Moodiness. Lacklustre effort. Takes little pride in herself. Careless. Arrogant. Considers wealth/money to be 'unspiritual'. Struggles with responsibility. Snobby. Judgemental. Gossip. Insecure. People Pleasing. Stage fright. Low self confidence/inflated sense of self. Shame. Excludes others & fears exclusion. Sloppy/overly rigid. Lack mentality. Bad with money. Challenges around receiving. Self-limiting. Aloof. Distant.

The Repressed Priestess: Doubt. Downplays her experience. Lack of purpose. Depression. Life feels mundane and boring. Easily swayed by others opinions. Anti-religion. Lack of meaning and significance. A ‘follower’. May seek ‘peak experiences’. Belittles and Undermines. Denial of the Sacred. Seeks stimulation/distraction. Short attention span. At the mercy of Life. Feels the need to ‘work hard’. Seeks freedom through the material world.

The Repressed Medicine Woman: Victim Mentality. Gives away power to others. Health issues. Feels she has little to offer. Self-Doubt. Self-sabotage. Persecution. Poor choices. Weight Gain (or loss). Confusion. Dulled senses. Fear. Over-achieving. Perfectionistic. Dreads accountability/responsibility/feedback. Drawn to the occult/esoteric worlds. Struggles with commitment. Stays small. Self-deprecating.

The Repressed Creator: Procrastination. Care-taking others. Self Sacrifice. Guilt/Resentment. Devalues her creations. Feels she has little to offer. Moody. Martyrdom. Emotional suppression. Fears change. Dullness. Anticipates failure. Miscarriage. Birth Trauma. Difficulty with manifesting. Ungrounded. Neurotic. Swollen Joints (particularly in hands and fingers). Feelings of powerlessness. Settles for less. Resignation. Avoids risk. Scared of success. Disempowered. Stuck. Judgemental of Self. Timidity/Arrogance. Lack of Self Care.

Until we can recognise and integrate these parts of ourselves in a balanced way, we will find ourselves at their mercy. These aspects of the Divine Feminine have SO MUCH to offer us. That doesn't mean we become indiscriminately needy or aggressive or hyper-sexual. What it does mean is that we can cease to be ruled by the unhealthy, distorted versions of these energies - and instead integrate them, and allow them to serve us in our lives. 

When we integrate these aspects of the Repressed Feminine, we unlock a wealth of personal power. We can experience heightened pleasure, a deep sense of security, incredible abundance and absolute freedom.

  •  The Integrated Inner Child: Incredible playfulness and joy. Freedom and spontaneity. Vivid imagination & creativity. Euphoria. Excitement about Life. Awareness of feelings and needs. A sense of potential and limitlessness. Abundant support. Openness and trust.
  • The Integrated Huntress : A deep sense of safety and protection. Clarity. The ability to say no. Healthy boundary-setting. Absolute freedom. Clarity and Focus. More vitality and energy. The ability to 'let go'. A sense of sovereignty. Deep surrender. Relaxation. Liberation. Compassion. Greater depth of connection with Self.
  •  The Integrated Lover: Deep sensual connection with life. Increased pleasure and satisfaction. Balanced, healthy sexual expression. Effective communication. A deep sense of inner authority and power. Magnetism and Radiance. A profound sense of intimacy and connection with others. Enormous flow of abundance. Creative drive.
  •  The Integrated Queen: Discernment. Objectivity. Clarity. Grounded-ness. Integrity. Cool, calm and collected. Acceptance of responsibility. Foresight. Leadership Skills. Diplomacy. Grace. Responds calmly to conflict. Conscious strategy. Effective decision-making. Confidence.
  •  The Integrated Priestess: Unshakable connection with Self. Trust in Life. A sense of safety. A deep centred-ness. Sacredness in the everyday. Presence and grounded-ness. Communion with the Divine. Calm and focus. Immense loving power. Magic & Charisma. Sacred sexuality. Wisdom and clear vision. Healing abilities. Deep intuition. Magnetism. 
  •  The Integrated Medicine Woman: Wholeness. Self-love. Vibrant Health. Trust in life. Deep inner wisdom. Heightened intuition. Keen insight. Self care. Physical healing. Community. Divine service. Compassion.
  • The Integrated Creator: Easeful Manifestation. The ability to draw on different archetypes as needed. Social Adaptability. Ecstatic Creation. Deep sense of Empowerment. Abundant Life Force. Easeful Birth. Inspiration. Deep Joy. Stillness. Flow. 

It's time to embrace the magic of your Sacred Feminine Self

It was only once I started to embrace my own Wholeness, that life started to respond. I stopped struggling, and started to Rise. I realised that i'd found the key! To more pleasure, less stress, and an infinitely more authentic and blissful life.

The answer was within me the whole time. There was no more chasing some future achievement. I had arrived! I was safe. I had found what I was looking for. At last, I could create my life from a place of bliss, power and Divine trust - instead of stress, lack and 'still not good enough'. It's amazing - when you have a deep sense of safety and self-love, you've got nothing to lose. 

You can't access deep, repressed energies through the conscious mind - which is what makes Symbols and Archetypes such powerful tools for change. Using deep, guided meditations (or journeying), accompanied by gentle but powerful Energetic Activations - it's possible to experience directly and integrate each of these disowned parts of ourselves. In doing so - we can liberate the amazing gifts they have to offer and discover the magic of our Sacred Feminine Self. 

With over 9 years experience working with Energy Medicine, I'm incredibly passionate about supporting women to access their full feminine power - through embracing the repressed aspects of themselves and finding incredible pleasure and freedom in their lives.

 A true channel for all things divine, Rebecca holds a space that is completely loving, safe, pure and secure.  This woman has taken me on meditation journeys like nothing I've ever experienced, she has guided my soul back to its divinity, she has spoken God's words into my ears and has refreshed and awakened my soul deepest knowings.  It is my absolute honour and greatest pleasure to recommend this amazing healer and conduit to you, she is an incredibly rare find.

Laura Finlayson Gold Coast, QLD


Bec creates such a rich and deep inner journey. The insights and embodied experiences that arise are rich, profound and often joyful. I’d highly recommend Rebecca’s guided journeys to any woman seeking new understanding and a stronger ability to create a rich and abundant life for herself.

Elle Reynolds Sunshine Coast, QLD

As a way of offering this amazing tool for change to women everywhere, i've created a 15 week process - to access the 'Repressed Aspects of the Feminine Self', and integrate them in a balanced and healthy way. 

The Awakening Woman  
“Reclaiming the Sacred Feminine” 

15 Week Sacred Process - Healing the Repressed Feminine Archetypes

Over 3 months, we can work together to bring into the light those parts of you that have been repressed.  By constructing a container of incredible Self-Love, you can liberate the magic of your Feminine Self and allow the waves of radiant, magnetic energy to ripple into all areas of your lifeHere's how it works. You receive...

  1. 7x Powerful Live Video Calls:  Each fortnight, we will journey deep into the subconscious mind to meet a new archetype. With the support of powerful waves of healing energy, you can integrate this aspect of Self in deeply supportive container of Unconditional Love. 
  2. Intimate Sharing Circles: On the alternate fortnight, gather for an intimate, online 'women's circle' experience. Share some of your journey with each archetype and be held and supported as you rise into your power.
  3. Lifetime Access: Receive all written notes and call replays in you inbox, to revisit at any time as your integration process continues to unfold. 
Investment: $444.00 (or 14 weekly payments of  $32.00)

Or pay half price!! See below. 

The Exchange

I came up with The Exchange as a way of making this work more affordable, while staying aligned with its true value. Here's how it works. 

Each of my online programs has an assigned 'starting price'. In this case $444. If this is too much for you to pay or you would like to explore an alternative economy, you can complete a range of heartfelt tasks that reduce the price incrementally. These actions help me enormously by helping me spread the word about my work. Complete all 4 tasks, and your ticket is half price.

For this program, the tasks are as follows:

 + Connect into your heart and identify 3 women you would LOVE to share this journey with. Send them this page (-20)
 + Reach out privately (in person or in writing) to at least 8 friends or acquaintances who would LOVE this work. Send them this page. (-50)
 + Give a interview with yours truly at the end of the journey and share honestly about your experience (-$50)
 + Bring a friend! Share the journey with someone special to you (-100)

If you have any questions about the Exchange, please reach out. This system operates on honesty and integrity. I trust you to honour your word. 

Rebecca Wheeler is a Feminine Awakening Coach and Energy Medicine Practitioner with 9+ years experience. She is enormously passionate about Authentic Self-Expression, and supporting women to fully arrive in their Feminine Power by leaving behind the merry-go-round of self improvement. 

She lives in the Darling Downs with her partner Daniel and 2 children, Auren and Alena. 

Bec is a charismatic, enthusiastic bundle of energy! She radiates enormous light and love for all who cross her path.  

Through Bec’s profound genuine warmth and openness, she is able to hold a safe and sacred space for personal transformation to take place. Her strength and compassion is unwavering. She is a beautiful soul, mother, teacher, healer and a pillar of light.

Pheobe Cupples - Melbourne, VIC

Bec has been instrumental in my journey l in a way I could have never expected. I see myself clearly unlike ever before. My shadows are no longer enemies as my culture and conditioning would have me believe. I have come home to myself. I feel honoured to have been on this journey with this woman, this divine guide whose very presence gives me permission to see the very best in myself. Thank you Rebecca! Eternally.

Benita Nwulu - United Kingdom

Bec is so warm, kind and so so loving that I felt instantly calm. Bec's empathy and gentle voice guided me to understanding my inner world so much more and in such a short amount of time. She also gave me practical, useful and real life strategies to add to my toolbox. There is much more work to be done, and I'm looking forward to continuing our sessions!"

Peta De Villiers - Ipswich, QLD

Feeling Unsure?

It's so understandable. This is deep work. If you feel a sense of trepidation or hesitation, that's totally normal. Life has taught most of us that it's unsafe to be in our power - but times are changing - and it's up to us to take the leap of faith. The Ego will always fight change, and is a master at self-sabotage. It will tell all kinds of stories to keep us stuck in our old ways of being. Sound familiar? So here is your chance. Will you hold yourself back yet again? Or to take the leap into trust and and surrender.

Please know that help is at your fingertips. If you're not sure if this work is for you right now - send me an email and we can explore what feels true in your heart for the next phase of your journey.

Tight on Time? 

Let's awaken the Inner Creator and carve you out some space for YOU! Or, if the calls happen to clash with holidays, family time or something nourishing and important to you - worry not. While being on the calls LIVE is ideal, you will receive all of official replays and call notes in your inbox to dive into at your own convenience. (NOTE: you will not receive recordings of the women's circle space. This is a sacred and private space only for live attendees).

Strapped for Cash? 

If money is an issue, there is no issue. Please, reach out. Send me an email with what you can afford and where there is a will, there is a way.  

When, Where, How? 

Video Calls are held on the Zoom Platform @ 7pm every Tuesday night. The time commitment is 1x hour/week for 15 weeks. We will take a two week break for Christmas and the New Year. Replays (of the live content, NOT the women's circle space) will be available the day following each call.  A link to access the calls will be sent to your email address. Zoom is a lightweight, intuitive experience, and the video function is optional. Notes will also be available in written form. 

Ready to dive in?

With Love,

P.S: Doors close on October 30th & spaces are limited. Follow your heart, beautiful One. 

Give yourself the gift of Wholeness