Nervous System Therapy

Nervous System therapy with me is a combination of Somatic Therapy + Nervous System Education.

Suitable for all ages, the goal of this work is to support you to land in a place of safety within yourself.

In addition, I believe passionately in the power of education. Once you understand how your nervous system works and why you react the way that you do, you can begin to learn tools that can help you to find balance.

Just like any other system in the body, the nervous system needs care. Many of us were not taught how to care for our nervous systems as children. Our parents simply didn’t know how.

As a result, many people are diagnosed with ‘psychological issues’ when the issue is actually physiological. The nervous system needed to adapt in order to survive, and now it needs support to release stored energy and come back into balance.

I am passionate about teaching adults and children alike about the language of the nervous system, along with tools for self-regulation.

The ability to self-regulate also extends to our ability to regulate our emotions and our attention, which makes this work particularly supportive for adults and children on the spectrum.

Our ability to regulate ourselves is central to our ability to succeed in life and in relationships.

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