Feminine Awakening

The Priestess

Module 7

Module Structure

Introduction 3 Lessons

The Priestess - Part One

Phew! Now things really start to get powerful. In the Priestess, we begin to remember that our connection to Source is our most powerful asset. Lean in beautiful one, as we begin to uncover the magic of the Priestess. 

The Priestess - Part Two

Get ready. I trigger the shit out of myself in this video. I cringe when I watch it back, STILL. Do I trigger you too? If so, ask why. Am I too animated? Too sexy? Is it the air of superiority? Both the LIGHT and the SHADOW of the Priestess energy are present here. See what it brings up for you. xx

Meeting the Priestess 1 Lesson

Understanding the Priestess 2 Lessons

Understanding the Priestess - Part One

This section is full of potential for you to pick and choose from. There are exercises, journal questions, affirmations and a deeper dive into the psychology of each archetype. As you explore this space, let a sense of lightness and curiosity guide you. Remember, there is nothing to achieve here. Let your exploration be gentle and playful, and enjoy the ride!

Understanding the Priestess - Part Two

This section is for those of you looking to supercharge your process with additional exercises and insights. Enjoy! 

Awakening the Priestess Within 2 Lessons

The Priestess – Invocation

Let us invoke the Priestess. 

The Priestess - Blueprint Activation

Re-awaken the Inner Priestess at a cellular level....

REMEMBER: This is a powerful Energetic Activation. Do not listen while driving or operating heavy machinery. 

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