A  Unique Retreat for Women in the Australian Wilderness...

Yoga. Meditation. Nia Dance. Sound Healing. Kirtan. Nourishing Food. Stories by the Campfire. Community. Sisterhood. Homecoming. Awakening. Earth Connection. Deep Peace. 

You take a moment to savour the Silence. The Earth pulses beneath your feet, the colours vibrant. This is sacred land. You breathe deeply, and your body sighs with relief. At last, after all that searching, you have finally come Home. 

Bask in the peaceful natural surrounds as you soak up the benefits of Yoga, Nia and Meditation. Throw in a boutique selection of inspiring workshops, and a range of delicious meals made from Organic and Locally Sourced ingredients, and you have a recipe for the ultimate nourishment of body, mind and spirit.

May 3rd - 6th, 2019  |  Goomburra National Park

Connect with Nature 

Soak up the Sacred Earth as you immerse yourself in the ultimate Glam-ping Experience

Connect with your Self

Life gets busy, and it's easy to get caught up in the fast pace of day-to-day life. 

This is your chance to slow down and reconnect with who you truly are. 

Nurture your feminine side, awaken your sensuality and let Mother Earth guide you Home.  

Connect with Community

Join women from all walks of life who share a passion for self-discovery. Take some time out to share stories, connect with each other and remember that we're all in this together. 



Sarah Weber - Owner of Cura Life Yoga

A fully qualified yoga teacher and Nia instructor, Sarah has been working in Health and Wellness since 2006.

Her passion lies in helping people with stress management and finding a lifestyle that connects them to their roots, creating a balanced holistic approach to life

Rebecca Wheeler - Feminine Awakening Coach & Energy Medicine Practitioner

With 9+ years experience, Rebecca is enormously passionate about supporting women to land fully in their feminine power by connecting deeply with themselves and the Earth.

Bec has been instrumental in my journey l in a way I could have never expected.

I see myself clearly unlike ever before. My shadows are no longer enemies as my culture and conditioning would have me believe. I have come home to myself.

I feel honoured to have been on this journey with this woman, this divine guide whose very presence gives me permission to see the very best in myself.

Thank you Rebecca. Eternally.

Benita Nwulu -
Founder of The Restful Revolution

I’m still coming down from this most amazing weekend. What these women have created is world changing. And no, I’m not being over enthusiastic!

They are bringing together women who are lighting up, shining a way for others in a profoundly gentle and transformative way.

I have so much love and so much to say about what they are doing!!! It was a deep honour be a part of this creation! I am incredibly humbled and completely blessed!!

Jen Lean -
Personal Growth Facilitator

A true channel for all things divine, Rebecca holds a space that is completely loving, safe, pure and secure.  

This woman has taken me on meditation journeys like nothing I've ever experienced, she has guided my soul back to its divinity. 

It is my absolute honour and greatest pleasure to recommend this amazing healer and conduit to you, she is an incredibly rare find.

Laura Finlayson -
Editor - Dreamland Magazine

I met Sarah at a time when I was quite sure there was a different path for me, but I could not find the entrance. She told me she ran yoga classes. As a busy school principal, it took me a while to get to my first one, and I knew, right away, that this was the entrance.

 Sarah guides gently with her healing voice, her wise words, and her knowing.  They say when the student is ready the teacher appears. Sarah has introduced me to myself, and my new beautiful, bountiful, blissful life. I am so grateful for her.

Maree Rosier - Lockyer Valley, QLD

Bec is a charismatic, enthusiastic bundle of energy! She radiates enormous light and love for all who cross her path.

Through Bec’s profound genuine warmth and openness, she is able to hold a safe and sacred space for personal transformation to take place. Her strength and compassion is unwavering.

She is a beautiful soul, mother, teacher, healer and a pillar of light.

Pheobe Cupples- Melbourne, VIC

Sarah helps me, find me.

I walk in the door for a yoga class and I fall in love with this amazing body of mine. I sit in meditation class and find myself connected to the energetic whole. I join with my community of women at The Gathering and I see myself, every version of myself, and I am supported, accepted and loved. Nia Dance is where I have again found joy, laughter and that little spark of sexiness which makes me walk a little taller, smile into other’s eyes and laugh a little easier.

Sarah is the keystone, the catalyst, my mentor and my friend. Through her work at Cura-Life - she sees me and I am no longer invisible.

Karen Easton - Lockyer Valley, QLD 

What's included...

Essence is a world all of its own. Everything is taken care of, so you can soak up the magic and focus on YOU. 

You will receive...

3 nights accommodation in our luscious pop-up village
All inclusive meals and snacks with locally sourced and organic ingredients
Our full program of speciality classes and workshops

Beginners are welcome. No previous experience required

Early Bird Investment (until March 14th, 2019) - $525.00
Full Price: $575.00

Payment plans available (see checkout page)

May 3rd - 6th, 2019  |  Goomburra National Park

Are you hearing the call?

Feeling Unsure?

It's so natural. Investing in yourself in this way can feel like a big step! Whether you're the kind of person who is always on the go, or you're used to always putting others first, the thought of slowing down and doing something just for YOU can bring up all kinds of emotions.

 If you feel a sense of trepidation, hesitation or even guilt - this could mean you're on the right track! So here is your chance. Will you hold yourself back yet again? Or will you take the leap and follow your heart?

Please know that help is at your fingertips. If you're still feeling unsure - send us an email and we can explore what feels right for you at this point in your journey. 

Tight on Time?

Let's awaken the Inner Creator and carve you out some space for YOU! The age old adage rings true. If you want this, you will find a way. If you don't you will find an excuse. 

Strapped for Cash? 

If money is an issue, there is no issue. Please, reach out. We have payment plans available, and where there is a will there is a way. 

I'm's time...

With Limitless Love,

Your Facilitators, 

Sarah & Bec