Feminine Awakening

Understanding the Lover – Part Two

Lesson 26 Chapter 3 Module 5

This section is for those of you looking to supercharge your process with additional exercises and insights. Enjoy! 

What Turns You On? 

This is such an important question! Do you know? Take some time to reflect on this. Not just what turns you on sexually, but what turns you on creatively. What gets you excited about life? 

Then, pick one thing and carve out some space to DO it this week. You deserve a life of pleasure. Claim it. 

Own your Bliss

While we're on a roll of reclamation, here's another one for you. Most of us will have at least SOME awareness around not projecting our pain onto others. But what about pleasure? If it's true that no-one can MAKE us feel anything, why would pleasure be any different? 

Take some time this week to reflect on how you externalise your pleasure. "HE made me orgasm" or "She makes me feel so safe". Correction. He or she AWAKENS that feeling within YOU. The feeling is yours, and yours alone.  

Lover Exercises:

  • Practice moving with grace and flow. The prowess of the Huntress, becomes the grace of the Lover.  This is also a beautiful foundation for the Queen archetype who is next on our journey. Ask yourself. Do you feel sexy when you move from place to place? Or do you scurry and rush with tunnel vision? How does it feel to stir your tea? Is it a quick, erratic movement? Or a slow, sensual one? Neither is right or wrong, and there is a time for both, and either way, the choice is yours. 

  • Worried about what people would think if they saw you stirring your tea like the sensual Goddess you are? Why? Take some time to journal around this - and practice owning the qualities you would be most afraid of being tarred with. Sit in front of a mirror and say to your self - "I am soooo sexy". See how it feels. Keep saying it until it loses its charge, and you can begin to accept that quality as part of you.
  • Connect with your Yoni (vulva and vagina) some more. Find a comfortable space and take some deep breaths, then place the tip of your middle finger on your clitoris or vaginal opening and breathe Love and energy into that part of your body. Notice what comes up, and hold a loving space for yourself. For a guided version of this exercise, explore the Part Two Journey below. 

    IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have experienced  sexual abuse or trauma, I encourage you to seek professional support as you explore this archetype. Honour yourself and go VERY slowly. As you begin to heal, you will need to release stored feelings in a safe and held space.

Some extra thoughts:


If you're having trouble connecting with the power of the Lover, check to see how your Inner Huntress is feeling.  You may need her support with grounding or stating your boundaries to help you transition into the Lover energy. 

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