Feminine Awakening

Understanding the Huntress – Part Two

Lesson 18 Chapter 3 Module 4

The Huntress - Part Two

Self Reliance: 

This is your chance to really connect with the Integrated Huntress. She recognises that she is strong and capable, courageous and incredibly free. 

This week, I encourage you to explore how you can meet your own needs. Where previously you may have relied on another, connect with how much freedom and power you actually have to make your own decisions and see them through to the end. 


Remember - this is a paradox! The Inner Child is empowered by, and also limited by her dependence.

In the Huntress we explore that graduation into true emotional self reliance, and discover our ability to take aim, and let go into the vision we hold for our lives. 


Huntress Exercises: 

  • Practice 'meaningless mindfulness.' This is when you look up at the stars and remember that we are but another part of the natural world. Yes, we are eternal and Divine, but for this moment, connect with the freedom that comes with being Earthly and insignificant. You are here. Nothing matters, except how it feels to be alive. Feel it. 
  • Unleash your Inner Huntress. Strength, does not necessarily mean aggression. Ask yourself, where in your life could use a dose of your strength right now? Be like the Huntress. Hone your vision, take aim and then when the moment is right, let go into your full power. If you need to, wield your sword or put your foot down. Here is the trick through, you need to be prepared to let go of the outcome.  It is time to claim your boundaries, draw a line, and be prepared for whatever comes next. 
  • If you have kids - explore some primal play with them. Be the Mummy Lion, bare your teeth and roar as you chase them around on all fours. Some kids will love to be gently dominated. It helps them know their place in the family and feel safe. You can nuzzle their faces until they roll over, kind of like a dog or cat will if you scratch their tummy. It's important to explore this play with alot of sensitivity and check in with your children regularly. It's important that you don't overdo it and create feelings of fear and powerlessness. Lots of light giggles (NOT the uncontrollable laughter that comes with heavy tickling) will tell you that you're on the right track. 


Some extra thoughts:


REMEMBER!  If you're having trouble connecting with the power of the Huntress, check to see how your Inner Child is feeling. She may need some love or reassurance that she is safe and held to help you graduate into the Huntress energy. 


Also keep your eyes peeled for self-sabotage. Now, more than ever, is the time to feel the fear, and do it anyway. 


Learn from your mistakes. Sure, maybe everything is 'meant to be'. But for this next week, I invite you to explore how it feels to take full accountability and responsibility for your life.  


Also, ask yourself, how do you provide for yourself? What is your experience of modern day 'hunting and gathering?' How does your Inner Huntress feel about this? If it's not working for you right now, what could you do to intentionally change your circumstances? 

Enjoy this exploration beautiful ones, as well as the Journey to come. 

With fierce Love


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