Practical Bliss Coaching

What if I told you BLISS was LITERALLY the KEY to your success? Not simply a luxury.  In fact, BLISS is a TOTAL GAME CHANGER. You wanna make lots of money? Why? To feel secure? To have the blissful home? The blissful holiday?...but here's the thing....

BLISS starts on the INSIDE!

When we flow from a place of inspired, connected BLISS, we are GUIDED by Life.

Everything you have ever wanted is ALREADY WITHIN YOU!

We are BORN to be BLISSFUL.

Honestly, life is hard enough without us needing to make it harder for ourselves....but you see, bliss is a SKILL....but it's one that we have forgotten. 

Until now. 


Thankyou so so very much for your time and sharing your amazing knowledge, talent and love with me Lu!

It was incredibly insightful and I feel very at peace and grounded afterwards. AND SO excited for what lays ahead!! You're such a gem! Love your work! I feel so much happiness from you! Its beautifully infectious.

Edyta Tumalski
Queensland, Australia


Lu has been instrumental in my journey l in a way I could have never expected. I see myself clearly unlike ever before.

I feel honoured to have been on this journey with this woman, this divine guide whose very presence gives me permission to see the very best in myself. Thank you Aeirlughe! Eternally.

Benita Nwulu

 United Kingdom


Aeirlughe is warm, kind and so so loving that I felt instantly calm. Lu's empathy and gentle voice guided me to understanding my inner world so much more and in such a short amount of time. She also gave me practical, useful and real life strategies to add to my toolbox. There is much more work to be done, and I'm looking forward to continuing our sessions!"

Peta De Villiers
Queensland, Australia

There is no point trying to create a life that takes care of you, in ways that don't take care of you. 

All  hustling and stress creates is MORE HUSTLING AND STRESS.
There will always be something else that 'needs doing'

Create from a place of aligned LOVE on the other hand and you get MORE LOVE! 

...and no, it's not always that simple...

...but it's YOUR LIFE and it's YOUR CHOICE.

We're all just here to remind each other that we ARE in fact CREATORS of our lives

That BLISS is a natural part of who you are.
& you can LEARN how to awaken it. 

You can LEARN how to connect deeply with Source & the Sacred Self

You can LEARN how to have more joyful, more intimate sex & lovemaking

You can LEARN how it feels to be loved unconditionally.

This is what I teach. 

Reach out to learn more! x

P.S - There are many ways to learn these things, this is just one of them. Follow your heart! She knows the way.