Feminine Awakening

The Inner Child

Module 3

Module Structure

Introduction 2 Lessons

The Inner Child – Part One

Introducing, The Inner Child. She is alive within you already. How have you been treating her? Let's explore the power of this relationship, and how it creates the foundation of who we are...

The Inner Child – Part Two

STRONGLY RECOMMENDED! There is a crucial piece here that sets the foundation for the rest of our journey, so make a cuppa, set 10 minutes aside and soak up the goodness. 

Meeting the Inner Child 1 Lesson

The Inner Child – The Journey

Here it is! Our first journey. Here, we will visit with our Inner Child directly and begin the process of re-establishing a deep, healthy, trusting relationship. 

Please make sure you are in a safe and private space before you dive in. This is deep stuff!

Understanding the Inner Child 2 Lessons

Understanding the Inner Child – Part One

These notes are here if you desire to dive deeper into the mental realm. There are also powerful exercises included here that can support your process. 

Understanding the Inner Child – Part Two

This section is for those of you looking to supercharge your process with additional exercises and insights. Enjoy! 

Welcoming the Child Within 3 Lessons

The Inner Child - Loving Mother Activation

First, let us activate and feed the Loving Mother within. She is the container that will hold your Inner Child as she emerges. By awakening our Inner Loving Mother, and practising holding space for our Inner Child, we equip ourselves with the skills required to hold ourselves lovingly through life's greatest challenges. 

The Inner Child – Divine Mother Immersion

Let yourself be held by the incredible energy of Unconditional Love. Surrender completely into knowing that you are both innately loved and lovable. Release the pressure of needing to BE anything, and soften into who you already are. 

This meditation is best practised in a safe and private space. 

Invoking the Inner Child

Awaken the gifts that your Inner Child has to offer. Reconnect with her Spirit and begin your journey into reclaiming the wholeness of YOU. 

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