Feminine Awakening

The Huntress

Module 4

Module Structure

Introduction 1 Lesson

The Huntress – Part One

Where is your Huntress at? Discover how by accessing the Huntress energy, you lay the foundation for the rest of your journey. 

Meeting the Huntress 1 Lesson

The Huntress Journey

Journey into the deep subconscious to connect with the Huntress within .

Understanding the Huntress 2 Lessons

Understanding the Huntress – Part One

This section is full of potential for you to pick and choose from. There are exercises, journal questions, affirmations and a deeper dive into the psychology of each archetype. As you explore this space, let a sense of lightness and curiosity guide you. Remember, there is nothing to achieve here. Let your exploration be gentle and playful, and enjoy the ride!

Understanding the Huntress – Part Two

Extension: Here are some extra notes and exercises perfect for you if you've identified the Huntress as a dominant archetype, or want to connect with her more deeply.

Awakening the Huntress Within 3 Lessons

The Huntress Invocation

Invoke the Huntress and call in her support and guidance. 

The Huntress – Immersion/ Movement Meditation

An activation and meditation that you can integrate into daily life. Connect with the Huntress while you clean, cook or fold laundry! 

The Huntress - Blueprint Activation

A powerful energetic activation to awaken the memory of the Huntress Energy at a cellular level. 

Remember: Do not listen while driving or operating heavy machinery

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