Meet Aeirlughe

Aeirlughe (Ahyr-LU) Graw - Somatic Therapist
Medicine Woman - Trauma Educator

Speaker. Writer. Mother. Lover. Musician. Intentional Creator. 

My name is Lu, and this is my calling. 

As I child I was obsessed with healing in all of its forms. I would sit and read first-aid books, learning about emergency childbirth and how to assist with injuries and acute trauma. 

Fast forward ten years and I found myself in a scholarship program for budding medical students. 

Life, however, had other ideas.

Lots of beautiful opportunities came my way. I also spent days, weeks, months and years crawling through the trenches of addiction, trauma and chronic illness. This time offered me some of my most valuable lessons of all. 

Over 11 years of  study, hands-on learning, research and professional mentorship later, and here I am, doing what I was born to do. 

It is time to share what I have learned.

I am currently based in the Lockyer Valley, QLD with my beautiful family - my partner and 2 glorious mountain children - Auren (7) and Alena (4). 

With love, and in service to my community, I am here. 

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