Integrative Bodywork

I have had pain in my knees for as long as I can remember. Since our session, I have been pain-free. Thank you so, so much Lu - Jackie (QLD)

So, I have been trained in Psychosomatics, Energy Medicine & Trauma Therapy, and have over 11 years experience in Intuitive Bodywork & Massage and yet to this day when someone asks me 'what I do' I still draw a blank.

As I ask now, the words that come are - “I do the kind of Nothing that One does when One decides to give Everything.”

Hey! That's not bad.

What does that actually look like?

Well, generally when I practice it looks something like a a cross between Zen Thai Shiatsu, Relaxation Massage & Trigger Point Therapy, Network Chiropractic & Energy Medicine. I work in the place when the nervous system and the muscular skeletal system meet, restoring the healthy flow throughout the body.

 This method is extremely effective for chronic muscular tension and stubborn pain that has been resistant to other treatments.

In each session, I surrender to a Higher Love & let myself be guided by what your body needs. This means that no two sessions are the same. My work is informed by both science and devotion, & my job is to help restore and reactivate the innate healing ability present in every human body.

I am here to help you remember what balance, ease, safety and effortlessness feels like. Lasting healing occurs when we work with the cause, not with they symptom, and miracles can, and do happen on this earth, if we can find the courage to listen deeply and open ourselves up to Grace.

My practice is not a good fit for everyone, but for those who are suited to what I offer, this work is life changing.

Within a few minutes of meeting you, I can tell you if this method is a good fit for you. If I don’t think that I can help you, I won’t treat you.

This approach can be particularly effective where more conventional approaches have failed.

Come and see for yourself. Learn more about working with me here