Family Mentoring

Speaking from experience, family life can be CHALLENGING! Learning to live with another human being and or raising a family are two of the most challenging things we will ever do in our lives.

Whether we are juggling the needs of young children, navigating teen years, doing our best to find harmony with a significant other or learning to love (or tolerate) our in-laws – sometimes what we need more than anything is a little empathy, an outside perspective and some new tools that open up new possibilities in our relationships.

The reality is that most families are under more pressure than we are biologically designed to handle. Put any organism (or machine for that matter) under more strain than it can take, and problems will inevitably arise.

Some of the stresses in our lives are beyond our control, but others can be transformed significantly as we find the courage to claim our power, take responsibility and shift our perspective.

When working with families, I draw on the latest findings in interpersonal psychology, evidence based practices and a trauma-informed approach to find ways to help parents reconnect with the young people in their care, and partners to reconnect with each other.

Life is so much easier when we have the support that we need. 

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