Feminine Awakening

Understanding the Inner Child – Part Two

Lesson 11 Chapter 3 Module 3


Asking for Help: 

This is your chance to really connect with the Integrated Inner Child. She recognises that sometimes she can't always do it on her own, and even if she can - doesn't mean that she should.  This week, I encourage you to ask for help. Share some of your Inner Child process with a trusted friend or partner, and request their help with the following exercises. Remember - if you feel big resistance here, this is a growth edge for you! Lean into it, and take the leap. 


Inner Child Exercises: 

  • Curl up in the arms of a trusted friend, family member or partner. Soak up the experience of being completely held and supported physically. 
  • Request boundaries and feedback. If you can tend to get chatty or carried away lots when you're feeling anxious, ask your friend to gently pull you up and help you connect with your feelings.
    Alternatively, if you're trying to improve your diet or integrate a healthy habit, ask for guidance and accountability. 
  • Practice being 'silly'. Choose your a friend who you feel safe to be goofy with. Then, throw on a Disney movie and sing-a-long passionately, or go to a skating rink and get your goof on....

The Magic of Life

This week, I also want to encourage you to connect with the Magic that is present in all of life. Kids are GREAT at connecting with this. Take one look at a child's eyes when they go somewhere new and you'll see what I mean. 


This Magic extends beyond the everyday. I also want to invite you to call in the experience of NOT being the biggest fish in the pond. Something much bigger than you, bigger than ALL of us, is holding you and loving you unconditionally. Whatever you call this being - The Divine Mother/Father, God, Allah, The Universe, it's all the same thing...and when we connect with this greater power, we ARE like children. Children of Love. 


Lean back into this support and Love. You don't have to be the 'grown up' all of the time. Let yourself be held once in a while.


Trust In Your Natural Ability


Right from the beginning, most of us were taught not to trust ourselves. "What? You're still hungry? No you're not. You just ate." What this subtly tells us is to listen to external authorities over our own internal authority, which causes us to doubt ourselves. 


This is your invitation to let that doubt go, and start to trust again in your natural ability. A great way to do this is with a creative pursuit (singing, painting etc) This can feel clunky at first, but the key is to get our of the way and lose yourself in the process. Forget about perfection, and open to trust in your natural ability. You might just surprise yourself. 


Cultivating this 'trust in Self' is the foundation for the Huntress Archetype. Don't worry, you don't need to have it nailed right away, but it's great to open up the intention and explore where you're at right now. 


I'd love to hear about your experiences in our group! Please don't hesitate to share.

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