Feminine Awakening

Understanding the Huntress – Part One

Lesson 17 Chapter 3 Module 4


This section is full of potential for you to pick and choose from. There are exercises, journal questions, affirmations and a deeper dive into the psychology of each archetype. As you explore this space, let a sense of lightness and curiosity guide you. Remember, there is nothing to achieve here. Let your exploration be gentle and playful, and enjoy the rid


The Wound:

  • Taught to seek approval and 'be nice' 
  • Disconnection from nature - losing our wildness
  • Stressful childhood environment - had to 'block out' surroundings
  • Feeling lost/lacking direction
  • Experience of lack as a child - not having enough
  • Punished or shamed for experimenting with aggression as a child
  • Fear of change/change made scary

This can manifest as: 

Physical & Emotional hoarding. Unhealthy relationship with food. Excessive aggression/passivity. Distorted survival instinct (fight/flight and adrenal fatigue). Bears a grudge. Stays in toxic relationships. Cyclical Behaviour (thinking/talking themselves in circles). Domesticated. Likes routine. Feels ‘stuck’. Tight jaw. Passive aggressive. Struggles to ‘open up’. Fears losing control. Avoids conflict. Has trouble saying ‘no’. Only acknowledges the ‘light’ and ‘positive’. Prone to stress. Tends to put self ‘under pressure’. Generally calm, but prone to outbursts. Feels like an imposter. 


Facing the Shadow

Notice which of the following qualities trigger you. Take the time to sit with these from a space of love. 

Huntress Shadow Qualities:

Weak, Unfocused, Spaced out, Useless, Incapable, Cold, Empty, Greedy, Lazy


What the Huntress needs to feel safe and integrate:

  • A stable Inner Child foundation
  • Self Love - the willingness to assert needs and boundaries
  • Connection to the Earth



I belong to the Earth. I am a part of Her. 

I trust myself and my abilities completely. 

I am strong and capable. 


The Integrated Huntress:

Loves enough to kill. Will do what it takes to protect herself and those she loves. 

Knows herself fully, and belongs fully to herself. 

Is at one with nature and the hunt. 

Wastes nothing. Chooses her resources wisely and spends her energy effectively.

Can access healthy anger & self-preservation

Healthy, balanced independence

Keeps fear in it’s place (the backseat)

Knows how to listen and read the signs

Lives in gratitude. 


She also experiences:

A deep sense of safety and protection. Clarity. The ability to say no. Healthy boundary-setting. A powerful sense of direction. Agility and flexibility. Groundedness and grace. More vitality and energy. A sense of sovereignty. Deep surrender. Relaxation. Liberation. Compassion. Greater depth of connection with Self.



  • Spend some time in nature. Better yet, be naked.  Notice what you can hear. What you can smell. Feel every footstep and connect with YOUR natural habitat. 
  • Do something alone. Go out to a market or festival.  Be in your own self and self reliant. 
  • Incorporate more raw, whole foods into your diet (particularly in the warmer months). If you eat meat, do so with intention and gratitude. 
  • Test your physical strength! Feeling physically strong is the fastest way to get a clear sense of a defined, grounded self. 

Journal Questions:

  • I feel at home in the wild. True or false? Why/why not?
  • I do/do not believe i'm fully capable because...
  • The main thing holding me back from my Huntress power is....


Then, if you're ready - set a powerful intention let go of anything that is holding you back from your Inner Huntress. Trust that whatever is ready to leave will rise to the surface and be released. 


Visualise something in your life that no longer serves you. This may be a relationship, a job or a thought pattern. Come into a place of Self Love, and then visualise yourself ‘killing’ that thing. There may be blood, gore, or simply a sword/bow and arrow severing your connection. This may be confronting, do it anyway. It is a powerful tool for accessing the Huntress energy. 


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