Feminine Awakening

IMPORTANT information before you begin….

Lesson 2 Module 1


It CAN and WILL activate a deep healing process within you. If you have experienced significant trauma or experience mental illness, please ENSURE you have a strong support network around you or seek the help of a professional in conjunction with this work. Seek out funded services in your local area if budget is an issue. Your health and wellbeing is paramount.

I do offer personal coaching and support. If you would like some additional holding from me personally, please email me directly on bec@theheartgarden.com.au. 

Keep coming back to the Opening Meditations and Inner Child Activations. Soak up all of the support that you can.

Self Care is also incredibly important. If you feel yourself getting frazzled and overwhelmed, pause and come back to the Inner Child. Help her to learn to self-soothe by holding her lovingly. 

If this is the only thing that you take away from this program so be it, it is without doubt the most powerful. 

Your number one priority at all times should be your self care. Please remember this as you embark on this amazing adventure. 

Also please remember that:

  • This program is not intended as a substitute for medical advice. It is not recommended for individuals experiencing any form of psychosis or loss of reality. 

  • The information in this program is meant to supplement, not replace, personalised care. Like any personal growth work, this program can awaken challenging feelings and experiences in the body. The facilitators advise all participants to take full responsibility for themselves.  Before practising the meditations and activations in this program, please ensure you are in a safe and private space. Seek additional support as required, and discontinue the program and seek immediate help if at any time you feel concerned about your psychological wellbeing.

  • Please note that given the self-paced and remote nature of this program, participants take full responsibility for their process. The facilitators will not be liable for any outcomes or damages resulting from the use of these resources. Please follow the recommendations given at all times. 

  • By continuing with this program, you agree to the above conditions. 

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